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Upper Level Humanities

Logic and Rhetoric students attend an intentionally created block called Humanities. This 2 hour, 2 day a week course covers genre writing (progymnasmata), literature, history, and theology.

Beginning around the age of 12 (traditionally 7th grade), students are enrolled into Logic School. These students use Notgrass Publishers Civics and World History textbooks as a springboard for learning. Students begin to dig deeply into formal logic studies and more demanding Latin translations.

Beginning around the age of 14 (traditionally 9th grade), students are enrolled into Rhetoric School.

Rhetoric School students are exposed to a wide variety of literary classics. Each year, students will read literature that supports the historical time period in which they are studying. Using the Veritas Press Omnibus textbooks as the educational springboard, students will read 8 12 Great Books. Each chapter in the Omnibus text examine[s] the author, context, significance, main characters, summary and setting, worldview, and provide[s] an in-depth essay analyzing and teaching the important points of the work. Chapters conclude with cultural analysis, biblical analysis, application, summa questions, recitation comprehension questions, lateral thinking, review questions, and evaluation questions.

Each year of Rhetoric, students engage in listening, viewing, reading and speaking activities with an emphasis in the importance of understanding presuppositionalism, evaluating worldview, and having a Christo-centric understanding of the world.

Nota bene:

In keeping with our desire to allow the average child to excel and the gifted child challenged while staying true to a classical method of learning, we do not read all the books that Omnibus suggests..